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About The Mixer

The Mixer is an all in one, lightweight, curl cream-gel cocktail containing amino acids, biotin, and natural oils.
This formula will help hydrate and define your curls and waves.

Who We Are

The Curl Factor is uniting the curly hair community by means of universal products that cater towards all hair textures.

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The Curl Factor was created to unite the curly hair community. Curly girls have become accustomed to grouping themselves based on the way our curls hang.

While we do believe curl typing is a great guide, we believe it’s just that: a guide. Extreme curl typing has created a division in the curly hair community, and The Curl Factor wants to  bring all the curls together.

We believe solutions to #curlygirlproblems can be found on common ground.

About Tricia!

Hi,  I’m Tricia the owner and creator of The Curl Factor Co.  As a hair stylist for the past  18 years and a woman of biracial background, I have always ensured a customized focus on my clients and my own hair needs.  In the past few years, based on feedback from my clients and my own experience, I knew I had a calling to create an ultimate curly hair care product to support all hair types.

Many of us in the curly hair community have an arsenal of products to achieve the most amazing curly look we desire.

My goal was to minimize the need for multiple products and create an all in one, high performing product-The Mixer, A perfect blend of a curl cream and gel cocktail.  The Mixer will be your holy grail product for your desired curly hair look. 

our story

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